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Footnotes: Another SEC Probe of a Deloitte Client and Other Aggravations | 07.30.12

U.S. probe into Chinese client deals fresh challenge to Deloitte [Reuters]

4 Percent Of Americans Think Jamie Dimon Is Prepping His Bike To Jump The 526 Feet Between The Top Of JPMorgan Headquarters And The Roof Of The Old Bear Stearns Building [DB]

Dead Cat Mars Usually Lovely Albany Bar Exam Experience [ATL]

House to vote on bill terminating federal workers who don't pay their taxes [The Hill]

Every Single Person in America is Pissed at NBC’s Olympic Coverage NBC is fucking up big time on our behalf and we're all going to continue whining about it while there is air in our lungs and power in our computer machines. [Gawker]

Why Is Bank of America Keeping Merrill? [Bloomberg]