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Accounting News Roundup: Tax Season Ads and More Trouble for Toshiba | 12.28.16

Tax season ads

Waayyyyyyy back in August 2015 when Donald Trump's presidential candidacy/bad reality TV episode was early in its run, he stated that his tax policy was to "Put H&R Block out of business." Now that this episode has morphed into a 4-year horror documentary, H&R Block has started getting ahead of the game, putting its new ads for tax season 2017 out earlier than normal, featuring the dashing, handsome and hilarious Jon Hamm. The New York Times interviewed Hamm for its piece on brands planning for criticism from Trump, where we learn something unexpected:

He said in a telephone interview that he had been an H&R Block customer for years.

“The fit between H&R Block and myself seemed copacetic and natural,” Mr. Hamm said. “And the tone of the creative was clever and outside the box for something as humdrum as taxes.”

There you have it, CPAs. Jon Hamm has been an H&R Block customer for years. I sincerely hope they use him to top the video that got the AICPA all bent out of shape last year.


The Japanese conglomerate might have to write down an acquisition from last year that could cost it billions. This follows the company's billion dollar accounting scandal in 2015 and write downs of its nuclear business over the past year.

Doing anything productive?

I like the last week of the year for many reasons, but mainly it allows me to finally get to some tasks that I've been putting off for awhile. Like cleaning my workspace. There's still a chance that I might not get to it, but at least I feel like it could get accomplished this week.

In other news:

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