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Crony Links: Accountants Worrying About Image; Are Managers Necessary?; Tips if You’re Overwhelmed

You probably need a break from playing with your new bracket toy, so take a spin around some of the other Sift sites to help coast through your Friday afternoon. 

AccountingWEB You forgot all about bonds, didn't you?; There's always a handful of tax advantages to small business being discussed.

The Queen's AccountingWEB If you're starting your own CPA firm, you better think about where to set your fees; Should accountants worry about their image?Is it worth upgrading from Excel 2007 to Excel 2013?

HRZone Is diversity something businesses do or is it lip service?; Do we still need managers?; Mind your mobile manners.

MyCustomer LeBron kvetching about his phone is at the top of six celebrity endorsements that have gone badly wrong; Here's an infographic that illustrates the shopping habits of millenials.

BusinessZone You need an inspirational business plan; Here's an interview with a guy who once fired Tony BlairThe House of Cards guide to growing your business

TrainingZone What kind of networking sklls do you need?; Five tips if you're feeling overwhelmed.