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EY’s New Shared Service Center in Sofia Isn’t as Plain as a Bulgarian Pin-Up

wide image of Sofia, Bulgaria

If you get the reference in the title, you are officially cool.

For some reason, we’re fascinated with Big 4 office spaces. Perhaps because we don’t have to work in them and can instead admire (or criticize) from a safe distance. There have been a few interesting ones in recent years, like Deloitte’s ‘future of work’ office in Edinburgh, Scotland and the building PwC is moving into in San Jose soon — just down the street from Winchester Mystery House — has some promise.

Today we’re checking out the EY Regional Shared Service Center (RSS) in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia. At RSS they do talent, finance, risk, and communications processes for “a diverse clientele” from 29 EY countries throughout Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia. This ain’t your mother’s cramped Indian call center.

via EY

Those chairs appear to be the West Elm Humanscale task chair, did they really drop a thousand bucks a piece for those things? Business must be good.

“This new facility marks a new chapter in our journey. Today, we stand in an office that is a manifestation of our vision, determination, and perseverance. Not only will this make our daily office life more comfortable but most importantly it will provide a platform for people to share ideas, to innovate, to integrate and thus further transform and enhance our capabilities“, said Rafal Olejniczak, EY’s Regional Director of Operations during the opening ceremony.

Check this guy out. Why are Europeans so effortlessly cool?

Rafal Olejniczak, EY’s Regional Director of Operations

Said the firm breathlessly of the new space:

The new office stands as a testament to EY RSS’s dedication to cultivating a culture that emphasizes the importance of quality and excellence in delivering key business services. The office’s contemporary design embodies the company’s progressive mindset. Its bright and spacious interior is suffused with natural light, creating a welcoming environment that stimulates intellectual activity, creativity and innovative thought. The layout of the office includes a mix of open-plan areas for collaboration, secluded spaces for concentrated work, and casual breakout zones, ensuring its adaptability to meet the diverse needs of its dynamic workforce.

Understanding that innovation thrives in diverse settings, RSS has meticulously designed its new headquarters with versatility at the core. The design allows employees to choose their optimal working environment, be it amidst the vibrant atmosphere of communal worktables, the comfort of lounge areas, or the quietude of soundproof pods.

Each area is equipped with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates into daily workflows, allowing teams to collaborate effortlessly, whether they are in the same room or scattered across the globe. High-speed internet, smart conferencing facilities, and real-time collaboration tools ensure that every team member stays connected and engaged.

So they have phones and wifi, got it.

Perhaps it’s cause for concern that firms are sinking all this money into off-campus service centers in other countries (see this prescient 2013 article: Are Some U.S. Companies Preparing to Trim Their Tax Department Fat?) but let’s not worry about that today.

EY’s Regional Operations embarks on a new era of integration and innovation with the opening of its modern office [EY]

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