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EY Had An Office In Gaza Media Tower Leveled By Israeli Air Strike

Thanks to a tipster who sent us a link to a Facebook post from Saed Abdallah, a partner at EY Palestinian Authority:

The missile strike on the 12-story al-Jalaa building in Gaza City was carried out by Israel because it claimed the building was also used by the Islamist militant group Hamas. The building, which held offices for the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera, as well as other business offices and apartments, fortunately was evacuated prior to the air strike.

Bishr Baker, EY Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets leader, also confirmed that EY had an office in al-Jalaa tower:

The Twitter account EY Muslim Community said, “We join the United Nation’s call to cease all violence in the area and pray for freedom for oppressed communities globally.”


Israel destroys Gaza tower housing AP and Al Jazeera offices [Reuters]

15 thoughts on “EY Had An Office In Gaza Media Tower Leveled By Israeli Air Strike

  1. Well apparently EY Gaza had an office in the same building as Hamas operatives. That’s just dumb.

    1. True. Hamas is a terrorist organization. If they moved into a building where my business had an office I would gtfo.

    2. …Based on Israel’s say so, anyway. And why tf are people taking them as an authority when they have a vested interest in covering their ass?

  2. The Israeli government are clearly the terrorists, attacking innocent civilians – so, what is their excuse for bombing accountants? as if EY are now accountants for Hamas?

  3. The Israel government are terrorists killing innocent civilians. What did EY, a bunch of accountants do to deserve this? they’ll be accused of being Hamas’ accountants next …. *face palm*

    1. Having office in the same building with a terrorist organization Hamas or not knowing about it is definitely not good for EY reputation!

  4. Where is the evidence that hamas was located there? You guys are crazy to justify this. But you see whatever you want to see .

  5. The article says “fortunately the building was evacuated”. Actually, the Israeli army specifically intentionally contacted the building and gave them an hour to leave. Can you imagine Hamas giving civilians time to evacuate?

  6. Actually, when I look on Google, and on EY website, EY had an office in Ramallah but there is NO mention of an office in Gaza…. strange……

    1. OK, so there was apparently an office there, but it isn’t listed on the EY website. Sorry to hear that.

  7. If the Isreali regime was looking to combat Hamas, who they claim were residing in the office, why would they give a warning? It’s more plausible that the Isreali regime just wanted to destroy any infrastructure in Palestine and it would look really bad on them if they deliberately targeted the offices of a global organisation and killed its employees. The regime has bombed hospitals, bomb shelters, UN refugee centres, schools and civilian residential areas, all in targeted attacks, which clearly shows an intention to destroy as much infrastructure as possible. I hope EY helps in the rebuilding efforts.

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