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Hiring Watch ’19: Does EY’s New Digs In Akron Mean New Jobs?

The answer to that question seems to be: eventually.

So that’s good news for aspiring capital market servants and public accounting veterans looking for a change of scenery who live or work in or near Akron, OH.

EY is getting new digs in LeBron’s hometown, moving its office from downtown Akron to the East End development, which is about a mile from downtown. The firm hopes to be in its new space sometime next August, according to a press release.

Crain’s Cleveland Business reported that the firm will occupy 11,809 square feet on one floor of the building.

EY said its new office will include an innovation center as well as sit-to-stand desks and tech-enhanced workspaces to allow for more mobility, teamwork, and efficiency.

If that doesn’t sell you, perhaps this will:

The move also offers such office amenities as a hub with cafe-style tables, coffee and snacks; themed collaboration areas; and wellness rooms. That’s in addition to the East End’s amenities — a restaurant, gym and golf simulator — that are available to all tenants.

If you’re all about being a partner one day, you better hunker down at that simulator and brush up on your golf game. Your supervisor will understand.

Anyway, about that hiring thing. EY currently has 85 people working in Akron, but probably not for long, according to a statement Whitt Butler, managing partner at EY’s Akron office, gave Crain’s:

“Akron and Canton are growth markets, and we fully expect to continue adding headcount to support this growth.”

It is recruiting season, after all. So University of Akron accounting students, be on the lookout for a bunch of nerdy-looking people with the charm of a Craftsman ratchet set dressed in black and yellow. They will want you to become one of them.