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“Experienced Staff” compensation?

Hi Everyone,

I currently work in the tax department of a fortune 500 company in a very large metropolitan area.  I am essentially at entry-level, with my title being "Tax Accountant," though we don't hire anyone without a few years experience.  I am 35 and have only recently re-entered the tax world, having left PwC about 10 years ago to pursue an MA/PhD in a field not related to accounting.  

I have been in my current position for about 14 months.  My current salary is $70,000 with no bonus.  For personal/family reasons, my family and are relocating to another large metro area and have been looking into "Experienced Staff" and Senior positions.  I have interviews with two of the big 4 next week.  

I am wondering if anyone can give me some insight into what kind of salary an 'experienced staff' position might start at, generally speaking?  I am well aware that my current salary is pretty high for my position, but I am hoping to at least get that matched if I were to get an offer.  Any chance of that happening?

Thanks in advance.