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Do Millennial Accountants Golf?

Here's one from the mail bag:

I wonder if millennials give a s#!t about golf.

Recently, I went to lunch with my associate and the Controller of our client. During lunch, the Controller asked if we play golf; when we both said no, he said "you guys should start practicing".

That got me thinking of how older generations try to push everything onto us just because they were push into various things (i.e., trying to enslave us in public accounting because they were enslaved).

So to my earlier point; could you create an informal poll to see at what age each generation began playing golf? I wonder how millennials are doing compared to other generations.

Millennial who doesn't want to learn how to play golf.

While I've made my thoughts on golf known in the past, I have to admit that I've spent more time on the links the past two summers and didn't have an awful time. I still don't think it's mandatory, the clothes are still stupid and I'd rather stub my toe in the dark than watch it on TV. But if you enjoy it, then sure, you can use it to conduct business. If, like Leona, you don't play and want to pick it up, then go for it. If your firm is throwing a ladies-only golf event, then okay, but expect some eye-rolls. 

To appease MWDWTLHTPG, if you're a Millennial-ish player, when did you pick up golf? Do you think it makes a difference at your job?