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Expansion of work scope from state to federal

Hi all, i have some concerns that I wouldl like to share with you and get some advice on it.

I am working at on of Big 4 accounting firms. I currently have  5 years tax experience in industry (tax department) and 1.5 month in public firm (Yup, I am a newbie!)

Here is my concern.

I am trying to ask my director if I can help Federal team's work when they have too much work, so need extra hands. ( I have some experienc in Federal tax from prior work for 5 years even though not as deep as in big 4 federal team.

One of my collegues told me that it would have worked out if you are in 1st or 2nd year. But since I am a senior staff (+3 years), it would be hard to happen.

Is there anyone in more then 3 years staff in state team of big 4 firms who actually help Federal team's work?

Do you think it is acceptable idea to talk to my director or it's not because other collegues would think me as a kind of betrayer or something?

Or should I bring it up later because It's been only 1.5 month?

Does really Federal team have much work in big 4 firms, so they need extra work force from time to time? (cuz I don't want to invade their hours apprently…)

Please advise!