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Ernst & Young Olympian Named to Elite Group

As you may or may not know, Gwen Jorgensen is a tax accountant in Ernst & Young's Milwaukee office. She also happens to be an Olympic triathlete and will be competing at this year's Games in London. On the way to these accomplishments she obtained her CPA (scores not immediately available), and she was a Big 10 champion distance runner and a competitive swimmer at the University of Wisconsin. All very impressive feats. However, what might be the most significant accomplishment to date has nothing to do with her athletic prowess. It also has nothing to do with her ability to navigate our labyrinthal tax code. No, this accomplishment is one of a more superficial nature. It is her inclusion in a list of 99 Sexiest Olympic Athletes. Yes, "Sexiest Olympians" lists are about as common as the clap in the Olympic Village, but in a field of 10,000 wide-class athletes, there is no shortage of "sexy." And we are talking about an accountant here. An accountant who is an Olympian. An accountant who is an Olympian and is sexy and THAT is notable.

Consider –  As improbable as it is that an accountant (or Ernst & Young employee for that matter) would have the ability to run more than 40 yards without having a coughing fit, let alone be an Olympic athlete, it is even more improbable that an accountant would also have physical attirbutes that are widely-accepted as "sexy."

Make no mistake, we've established that there are sexy accountants out there; we've tried to compile as many attractive number crunchers as possible (and we're still taking suggestions). But none of them, to our knowledge, are competing for gold in London so they can't possibly be in an exclusive group like "Sexiest Olympians" (unless there's an Excel Olympics we're not aware of). 

So congrats on your latest milestone, Gwen. Obviously, we'll all be rooting for you to bring home the gold in the triathalon and for continued inclusion on future "Sexy Olympians" lists.