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Ernst & Young Announces a Competitive Poaching Frenzy; Deloitte, KPMG Among the Losers

Yesterday Ernst & Young announced the addition of six new M&A and PE professionals to its Transaction Advisory Services practice. It appears that all these professionals were special enough to warrant a press release, however, not specialy enough that it warranted their own individual press releases. Undoubtedly this will become a point of ridicule amongst their peers, however, it appears that they are all well-qualified, competent indviduals that will make fine additions to Chez Turley.

  • Orlan Boston — Picked up from Deloitte Consulting; joining Life Sciences/Operational TS.
  • Steven McLeighton — Legal Entity Rationalization Practice; joins after 20 years at KPMG.
  • Ben Pickering — Restructuring Advisory Services; comes "a boutique restructuring firm in the US" and was also a partner in a restructuring group of a Big 4 firm.
  • Thomas Taylor — new co-leader of E&Y's newly formed Private Equity Value Creation Advisory Group; comes from JLL Partners.
  • Giri Varadarajan — the other co-leader of PEVCA; comes from Deloitte Consulting.
  • Simon Western — Financial Services sector leader of E&Y Capital Advisors; he ditched Nomura Securities.
Bang-up crew. I'm sure they'll enjoy the opportunity to never use a flexible scheduling arrangement with the Black and Yeloow.