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Ernst & Young CEO-elect Mark Weinberger’s Mom Just *Knew* He Was Going to Make Something of Himself

Moms. God love 'em. Where would we be if they hadn't sat up on the couch waiting for us to get home, wondering if we had been involved in some fiery car crash when we were, in fact, in backseat of the car that was perfectly still, fumbling with those damn hooks. We'd all be in roadside ditches, that's where we'd be. Even if you were destined to be a complete loser they believe in us. Well, unless your mom was a drunken floozy who couldn't say a nice word about anyone. Then that sucks.

Ernst & Young CEO-elect Mark Weinberger's mom Goldye seemed pretty thrilled that her son was asked to become the next honcho at E&Y but she definitely wasn't surprised. 

Members of his considerable extended family were delighted to learn the news, but perhaps none so much as his mother, Goldye Weinberger, of Scranton. "I'm his mother, I always knew he was destined for greatness," she said. She just didn't know in what.
It probably started when Mark got that job running the ice cream parlor while he was at Emory. Oh, that was just the beginning.  
He was a good student at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, but not a "numbers" kids and not bookish. She called him "a student of the world." She admitted she's somewhat surprised her son, who is a lawyer, is head of a renowned accounting firm.
Do I sense the slightest bit of disappointment here, Mrs. Weinberger? No, he's not a baseball player and no it's not PwC and yes, there is the Lehman Brothers thing but Ernst & Young is no slouch. Can someone point the poor woman to the In a JIT video