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Employment History/Background Check for Interns

I have accepted an internship offer with a big 4 for the next summer, and I was just wondering about the next step: background check.

I was just wondering, for anyone who has done a similar check recently, what do they check exactly? Preferably a comprehensive list as to what was asked of on the background check form itself, and what they actually did a report on, and what the HR actually cares about.

I have not lied about anything in my application, but I have 2 issues.

1. I have an unpaid internship that I did over a year ago listed on resume (preceding my 2 recent prove-able internships), it was absolutely unofficial because I basically worked under a family member who was in a high manager position. There are no HR records, and ofc no pay. This was a big reputable company, but in a foreign branch. Will this be an issue? My manager can give me a reference at any time, but other than that I have no proof. In addition, I was unaware of this at the time of the internship, but it seems that the internship was technically "illegal" because I did it on a tourist visa as opposed to a work visa. However, this was in Asia and to be honest in Asia it's quite lawless…these things aren't enforced. Can background companies see this?

2. I omitted a retail job off my application that I did, I worked there for only about a month and quit because the boss was an asshole. Is this an issue?

Thanks for any insights. Again, to anyone who has gone through a similar check, it would be immensely helpful if you could post a list of things that are checked/what was asked for on the form they sent you. I have always passed b-ground checks for other companies, but I'm not sure how the Big 4 does things for interns. Also, I'd like to know the timeline for these checks. I've accepted my offer since a month and a half ago, but I have not received any other news from the firm. Is it conducted at the last minute?

Thanks again.