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Drown Your Busy Season Sorrows with a CPA IPA

In a clever bit of branding, Intuit partnered with Rhode Island-based Revival Brewing Company to create CPA IPA, a "special beer for accountants only." They plugged it in the RI-press, hosted some happy hours across the state, "where accountants enjoyed some free beer to de-stress," and then, most certainly, went back to answering customer complaints about TurboTax

As for the beer itself, Untappd calls it a "White IPA" and it has a 3.4 average with 11 rankings. It has no score or reviews on Beer Advocate and just one rating on Rate Beer, a 3.4 as well.

Personally speaking, IPAs are kinda played; every brewery makes one these days, upping the hops ante to the point where it's like drinking a glass of wheatgrass. There's not a lot that hasn't been done.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't try CPA IPA. Revival Brewing has respectable ratings on Beer Advocate, the name does have an obvious ring to it, and one more IPA isn't going to kill me. It's just kinda boring. Maybe a Tax Saison was never in the cards? Dunno. 

Anyone near Providence and get to try CPA IPA? What did you think?  


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