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Here’s How People Did on the CPA Exam in 2022

runners at a race

The AICPA has released Q4 CPA exam pass rates which means we have a cumulative score for all of 2022 YIPPEE. As we did not discuss pass rates at all last year, let’s take a look at the whole chart and see how CPA exam candidates performed in 2022:

Section Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative
AUD 46.35% 49.13% 48.67% 47.21% 48.16%
BEC 57.33% 61.53% 59.91% 60.30% 59.68%
FAR 44.95% 45.66% 44.30% 40.67% 44.93%
REG 60.03% 61.25% 61.78% 56.41% 61.10%

Remember that the exam is not easier or harder at different times of the year, rather that Q4 performance often reflects candidates who are not as prepared trying to squeeze in one last section before the year is through.

FAR continues to destroy people — as is tradition — while BEC performance slipped a bit compared to 2021:

Section Cumulative (2021)
AUD 47.98%
BEC 61.94%
FAR 44.54%
REG 59.88%

A mere 335 days from now, BEC will be removed completely and candidates will instead choose from one of three disciplines: Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR), Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP), or Information Systems and Controls (ISC). This means that if you taking the exam this year you are strongly advised to get BEC out of the way before the switch over to CPA Evolution in 2024 because that credit will carry over and keep you from needing to pick a discipline as long as your score doesn’t drop off.

BEC has seen a pretty significant jump in performance over the last few years. The BEC pass rate was just 52.99% in 2017, it leapt as high as 65.56% in 2020. We’ll be sad to see it go.

Well done, everyone. Proud of you!