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Deloitte’s Second Service Doggo Is All Grown Up

an adorable pile of dogs

*Article image is of some other dogs found on a stock image site, I needed an excuse to scroll more dog pics this morning.

Happened to see this on the propaganda factory that is the Life at Deloitte Xitter account yesterday and figured it would be good to share, it isn’t often we get feels from Big 4 initiatives. It seems Deloitte’s second service dog is heading off to the next chapter in his journey:

Kevin, you magnificent son of a bitch!

Here are a few select adventures Kevin’s had in his time with trainer Deb Golden who is currently US Chief Innovation Officer and puppy whisperer. If you too need a strong dose of dog pictures today you can find him on Insta at kevinservicepup until they change the handle for the next dog.

Deloitte’s first “puppy with a purpose” was this stunning gent Benny who finished his initial training in 2022 and leveled up to formal service dog training with a certified instructor from America’s VetDogs before Kevin arrived on the scene:

Benny the Deloitte service pup

New dog when, Deloitte? Please subscribe us to that newsletter. And happy trails to the goodest boy Kevin!