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Deloitte Is Getting a Service Doggo!

We are putting aside our usual bitterness toward Big 4 firms for a moment here because PUPPY. Deloitte is getting a dog!

The firm is sponsoring the service dog in training through the America’s VetDogs Puppy With A Purpose Corporate puppy raising program. The puppy will live with US Cyber & Strategic Risk leader Deb Golden full time for 12-14 months, during which time he will learn the initial skills necessary to become a full time service dog. Then the puppy will continue his formal guide or service dog training (3-6 months) with a certified instructor from America’s VetDogs, and will be matched with a person who is visually impaired or with a disabled veteran.

This is Benny, Deloitte’s first corporate pup.

Benny the service dog in training

Well, that was Benny. This is Benny now.


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No shade, this is wonderful. Deloitte is soliciting name suggestions for their next service pup here, you’ll note the form asks for your email if you work for Deloitte so, you know, keep those suggestions SFW.