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Life at Deloitte’s Advice For Doing Other People’s Work

Life at Deloitte has some sage advice for the overachievers out there who want to do the work of their superiors without being compensated for it:

Cool story.

One tipster, who wanted to troll but didn't want to out themselves, feels thusly:

Deloitte's way of telling you it is okay you got passed over for your promotion this year #reallife #koolaid #corporatepropoganda

Actually, when I saw this I wanted to troll with "so what you're saying is you did the work without the raise for 6 whole months then?" but decided against it as we already trolled them on Twitter once today.

Anyone else find this odd coming from a professional services firm where titles are EVERYTHING so you know where you stand in the corporate hierarchy? Do you even manager, bro?