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Deloitte Philippines Confirms Case of COVID-19

Another Deloitte employee has tested positive for coronavirus, this time in the Philippines, the firm said on Saturday.

Deloitte released this statement earlier today:

We can confirm that a colleague in our Deloitte Philippines office has tested positive for COVID-19. The colleague is currently in hospital receiving treatment and further tests, and Deloitte is supporting the colleague and family in every way we can.

The health and safety of our people, our clients and our community is our highest priority, and our immediate response has been to take all necessary actions to manage the situation.

Deloitte Philippines continues to comply with the instructions and directions from the Department of Health. All necessary actions were promptly taken to inform those who might have come into contact with the colleague for the appropriate checks and provide any possible form of support.

We continue to monitor and manage the COVID-19 situation in order to respond as necessary.

This is the second Deloitte employee that we know of who has contracted coronavirus in the past week. The Financial Times reported on March 3 that a Deloitte employee in London who recently vacationed in Asia was hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

Reuters reported on March 5 that an EY employee in Madrid also tested positive for the virus.