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Deloitte Is Apparently Going to Help the Other SEC with Its Zebra Problem

From the Associated Press yesterday:

The Southeastern Conference hired international accounting firm Deloitte to conduct a review of its football officiating, reacting in part to what Commissioner Greg Sankey called the intense, often opinionated view of referees by the public and media.

Sankey said conversations began in September about ways to examine officiating and find ways to better communicate with the public about the overall quality of the work done by referees at a time when scrutiny and criticism has never been more pervasive. He said the SEC was not responding to a particular problem and does not consider the review an audit. He did not disclose how much it cost.

Here’s what Deloitte will be tasked with in its assessment of the SEC’s football officiating program, according to Accounting Today:

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to review officiating program strengths, enhancement opportunities and perceptions.
  • Perform statistically based data analytics from game play-by-play reports and officiating review results to identify trends and potential outliers.
  • Compare SEC officiating program procedures and standards to industry norms from collegiate and professional sport leagues.
  • Meet with members of the SEC’s officiating staff to seek their input on adaptations that may enhance officiating performance.
  • Evaluate the SEC’s assessment and accountability standards for officials.

The good news for Deloitte is they won’t have to worry about this SEC fining the shit out of them if they do a bad job.

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