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CPA Exams, No Job.

I have a bachelors degree and accounting and finance.  I did not add the accounting portion till later in my undergraduate program hence I was not really looking or interested in accounting as a career until later.  Anyhow, as a transfer student I ended up getting more than 150 credits so I could take the CPA exam.  This was two years ago.  Now, I work in an unrelated field (mortgages), but would like to get into accounting.  I have passed all CPA exam parts. 

In looking for CPA jobs from the Big 4 and other firms I have noticed that there are essentially two options "Student" and "Experienced." I am neither.   Advice for students is to contact campus recruiter, but again as non-student this is not something I can do.  It seems like they do not list entry level opportunities on their website only experienced ones I would not be qualified for.  Have I missed the recruiting phase? Should I just give up on a career in public accounting?  Should I get a masters just so I can have access to recruiters?  Please let me know any advice.