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CohnReznick’s Golf Event Won’t Solve Gender Inequality

Last month, top 10 CPA firm CohnReznick hosted a golfing event for women executives. The idea was “to get [women] more accustomed to a common way to do business among generations of male executives.”

Because so much business in professional services takes place on the golf course, our goal is to get more women exposed to golf so that they can reap the business benefits of the game in a comfortable environment.

The event was a success; they had about 100 ladies show up and got a nice write-up in Accounting Today.

But then this guy comments on the AT article:

It would be interesting to see if they would have a similar golf event for just men how many discriminatory law suits that would generate.

Good one, hgeyrich. They do have a similar golf event just for men. It’s called every other golf event.

Although I support CohnReznick’s Executive Women’s Golf Forum, I’m sure no one, including CR, thinks that golf is a panacea for solving gender inequality. This is partly because golf has been on the decline since its peak in 1997 when Tiger Woods won the Masters and Happy Gilmore came out on VHS.

There’s even speculation that bicycling is overtaking golf as the preferred method of networking and deal-making for professionals. There’s nothing like negotiating a merger while impeding traffic on a $3500 road bike, and nothing cuts through the bullshit like wearing spandex shorts.

I’ve never played golf, and I never felt like that hampered my career path. However, if I found myself in a work culture where golfing seemed important to my career or vital to closing deals, I’d love to have a safe and social place to learn.

Golf used to be a big deal in business. But so did a lot of other things, and if they all make a comeback1, I would support CohnReznick’s launch of the Executive Women’s Cigars Whiskey Hookers Cocaine and Swearing Forum.

1 Trump 2016.

Image: "Armedforces jeffery tee shot" by Master Sgt. Steve Miller/Wikimedia Commons