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The Cloud Will Cause More Family Arguments This Holiday Season Than Ever Before

With our email addresses plastered all over this website, we get a ton of spam from "marketers" and "PR professionals" who try to pitch us topics completely unrelated to this website such as WHAT HAS MORE THAN 500,000 LED LIGHTS, A ROOM FULL OF REINDEER, AND A SANTA CLAUS JOLLY ENOUGH TO MAKE ADULTS BELIEVE AGAIN? (yes, in all CAPS) and request week after week that we "include the attached announcements in the next issue of the Going Concern" even though we've ignored all 500 emails they've sent thus far and don't do "issues" in the first place.

But when this email came across our messy desks this morning, it got us thinking: just how many of you are going to ruin your holidays by working through them?

Caleb – Holiday vacations are around the corner but how many people will continue working due to Cloud-based technology?   With a tight job market and workers now used to long hours, employees have a hard time not working and with Cloud technologies it is easier than ever to access ones desktop using any mobile device.

Let me know if you are interested in speaking to [dude we're pimping out].


[PR Hack]

Now, I know there are a select few of you out there who will use studying for the CPA exam or your metric shit ton of work to do to get out of lame holiday parties and awkward family gatherings but does anyone really have a hard time not working? I have a difficult time believing most of you will be glued to your iPads while the kids are ripping open their presents on Christmas morning, unless, you know, you don't really like your family to begin with.

Is it really a good idea to hit the cloud while drinking heavily at the dinner table with your obnoxious relatives?

Existing in a constant state of busyness has a seriously negative impact on our overall health, leaving us wound up in a constant state of fight-or-flight – a holdover from the days when humans were practically feral and needed the adrenalin just to survive long enough to hit our 25th birthday – which dilutes our brains' natural ability to think logically. So while you may think you're being productive by picking away at work, running around feeling like you have to work all the time actually makes you less efficient, less rational and more distracted. Not to mention a really shitty parent/spouse/friend.

Providing commodotized services does not mean the service provider is the commodity. You have a right to be work-free and miserable with your family like everyone else.

Visualize your kids looking back on holiday photos as adults (with the help of their therapists, probably) only to see Daddy with his face buried in his BlackBerry at the table and on his iPad around the Christmas tree. Was it worth it? Will you even remember what was so important that you had to take to the cloud all 8 days of Hanukkah to work on it instead of resting up before busy season and getting to know the family you already barely see for most of the year?

If you have that difficult of a time disconnecting from work, maybe you should have taken the retail track instead. Those guys never get a break.

Who among you is actually going to have a hard time not working thanks to the cloud? Because I'd like to punch the cloud in the balls on your behalf then, if that's the case.