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PwC Tampa Office Attempts to Top Clark Griswold

Over the last couple of years, the PwC Tampa office has been in the news for various reasons, none of which were very flattering.

Back in 2010, the firm laid off nearly 500 employees much to the chagrin of the locals. Presumably, the firm felt bad about the whole thing, and in 2011, decided to hire 200 new employees and spend nearly $80 million building a new office. There just so happened to be $2 million in subsidies attached to this little project and that, again, got the attention of the townies because it was rumored that the firm was holding the Tampa city council to task, suggesting that if the credit was made available, then the jobs might have to go elsewhere. The firm denied this and was a little stumped by the bad press, so they ultimately decided that Tampa and Florida could keep their measly $2 million. And earlier this year a man named Anthony Marcinek took his own life when he jumped from the eighth floor inside the building. All in all, a rough go for PwC Tampa. 

Possibly with all of this mind, The Tampa Powers That Be (TTPTB) opted to spring for an illumination show as part of a "sign-lighting" at the new MetWest International building, where PwC will be moving in early 2013. 

It's safe to assume that the Tampa brass didn't check every single bulb or risk life and limb stapling strings the roof like Clark, but the effort is still notable.