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Career Advice

About two months ago I left my audit/tax role at a small accounting firm to be an auditor for the federal government. So far it has been a mess and there's little to no accounting work to do. I am worried that I am jepoardizing my career by staying in this role and need to get back into public (perferably a larger firm). I want to start applying for jobs, but am so embarrased by this mistake that I really don't want to put it on my resume. At the same time I don't want to have a two month gap in my resume either. I was only in my previous role for two years and I don't want to look like I am a job hopper. I have passed the CPA exam and have a graduate degree from a big school.

I could stay in this role for a few more months and then put it on my resume, but I am worried that with each passing day I am stagnating my career. Does anyone have any advice for me on what to do? Are there even opportunties right now at firms since I feel like most are already staffed up for busy season? Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.