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This Guy Has 99 Problems But the CPA Exam Ain’t One

It isn't often we come across a truly unique specimen in the accounting world, if you don't count the accounting directors who run off with hundreds of thousands of dollars. So when we read the story of Def MC 4Life (apparently Def MC was already taken, hence the 4Life), we absolutely had to share it with you.

You see, Def MC 4Life is unique in that he's a white rapper. From West Virginia. You think WV doesn't roll hard? I dare you to find a dilapidated farm over there filled with inbred kids and go over there talking that mess, son.

ANYWAY, Def MC 4Life isn't simply unique because he's an aspiring rapper who happens to be white. No no, you know there's more to it if we're posting it here. You see, Def MC 4Life is also an accounting student working towards 150 hours so he can sit for the CPA exam, get into the Big 4 and eventually start his own tax firm. That pretty much epitomizes thug life right there.

When profiled by Graffiti Magazine yesterday, he had this to say about his CPA aspirations:

GRAFFITI: You are currently attending school as well, right? What are you other aspirations for the future?

Def MC 4Life: I attend WVU and I'm extremely close to graduation. I'm working on 150 credit hours so I can take my CPA exam and I also plan on taking an Enrolled Agent Exam (tax) next spring. As of right now I have five years of tax preparation experience and five years of cumulative business administration on my resume. My hope is to get on with one of the big four (tax preparation companies) and eventually start my own firm specializing in tax.

We know you're dying to hear this guy spit, so let's stop yapping and get to the important part. TELL IT, SON!