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Advice: Leave Big 4 then come back?

Ready to get berated for this, but I want some constructive criticism.

I graduated with a degree in finance and accounting, interned in audit with Big 4, and received an offer. The offer would start this August, and I’ve already taken 2 sections of the CPA exam. However, I’ve always considered pursuing medicine and I am very seriously considering taking the prereqs for med school. I’ve considered PA and NP, but after shadowing, I’ve realized that I need to go MD/DO. The process is very rigorous and many career changers fail to get accepted into med school. If I give it my all and can’t make the grades (God forbid), would there still be a chance for me to get a position in Big 4 (probably with a different firm, obviously).

Any other advice would be appreciated, but be constructive, please.