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Do CPA scores matter in the job application process?

This subject is perennially questioned on the Another71 forum.

Should I mention my high CPA scores? Should I mention I passed on the first try?

Most members on Another71, and all of the moderators have multiple CPA test failures culminated by low passing scores. I would think they would recuse themselves from answering, but no. To a person they answer that a pass is a pass and a higher score means nothing, do not even bring it up on your resumé or in the interview process. That seems like an evious answer: if I can't have its value, no one else should either.

In fact some people end up bragging about their low (albeit passing) scores: that they studied "efficiently."

I study towards the certainity of passing. If I score in the 90s, it is a result of good studying, advanced accounting knowledge and skills, and applied intelligence. I have no qualms of presenting that success any more than I would present a high GPA, a degree from a well-reputed school, or valuable experience, etc. Furthermore, my accounting professor explicitly advised to put high scores on resumés.

Since the Going Concern community seems more frank, and more intelligent overall, what is your professional opinion?