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Busy Season Zen: Let Your Cares Float Away With This Sea Otter Pup

I have no idea what took us so long but effective today, we're going to run a weekly Busy Season Zen moment for you to forget about your troubles and gently fade into a moment outside of yourself where there is no work, no annoying guy loudly yapping a few cubes down, no PCAOB inspectors, no comment section trolls spouting off their opinions.

Close your eyes for a moment (after you finish reading this, obvs) and get centered. Picture yourself at your desk, then floating above your desk, and now you are floating above your building. Zoom out, you're floating above your city now, then your state, then the entire country. Suddenly you realize just how insignificant your misery is, watching the clouds swirl around Earth from the nothing of space…

…found your happy place now? Good. Now watch this baby sea otter having a little snack.

If you have a suggestion for a future Busy Season Zen moment, send it over!

Namaste, bitches!