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This New Jersey CPA’s Kitschy Crib Is Amazing

The following video from the New Jersey Society of CPAs features Marty Abo, CPA giving a tour of his hilariously awesome house. This house is great because it is the complete opposite of every CPA house I have ever been inside. It's kitschy. It's unpractical. IT'S FUN. Just watch and try telling me you don't feel the same way:

Personally, I could never live in such a place because clutter makes my skin crawl, BUT I do enjoy the following things from Chez Abo: 

  • The red leather catsuit lamp.
  • The Abo's Pizza box is a nice shout-out to Colorado.
  • "Of course she's got Chardonnay."
  • That TP roll mount is frightening.
  • "Tell 'em it was the best minute-and-a-half of your life!"

Marty could chain his employees to their desks during busy season, feeding them only bagels and urine-temperature coffee and I'll still work for him so I could party at this house. He'd need to get better beer than Heineken, though.

[via AWEB]