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Busy Season Survival Tips For People Who Probably Don’t Do That Well at Life Either

CPA Trendlines has a list of "busy season survival tips" that, while useful to some, might be as rudimentary as reminding a living thing to breathe and ingest food-type matter more than once a year to stay alive.



EXCELLENT TIP, I'm sure no one who has ever been stressed out ever thought to try that.

Alright, here's a good one:

Not giving up on some of my personal favorite things – like my twice-a-week yoga classes or my must-see TV shows


Take the time to always be organized

However this is just awful and the clock should take out a restraining order against this person:

Be willing and expect the worst! Be willing to work around the clock if it takes it

Let's cut the crap. How do you really survive busy season? Forget these feel-good fluff pieces about making time for yourself and yoga and saying "no" to the client once in awhile (LOL), be honest.

Before you answer sarcastically with "complain about it," remember that complaining with like-minded corporate prisoners colleagues might actually help you all feel like a stronger, less stressed team.*

*note this does not apply to the Going Concern comment section, we're actually all on the same side here believe it or not.