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Bright Ideas: The New Jersey Society of CPAs Is Peddling a Comprehensive Compensation Report

Can I preface this post by saying I absolutely LOVE this idea? I'm not sure how many other state societies are on board with this but they need to get their butts in gear and follow the lead of NJ stat if they aren't.

With the economic recovery moving forward, the New Jersey Society of CPAs understands it is critical that your firm remains competitive. One way the Society is helping member firms is by providing the 2012 NJSCPA Compensation & Benefits Survey of Public Accounting Firms in NJ.

Not limited to strictly salary, this study covers overall compensation programs, incentive plans, health insurance and more. This unique study of accounting professionals – from entry level all the way through the partner level – even breaks down results by the northern, central and southern regions of the Garden State.

For the reasonable price of just $375 ($125 if you actually participated in the survey), you can get your own copy. Considering the fact that some recruiters are less than truthful and your friend of a friend that works for a certain firm can't quite be considered reliable, I consider this a pretty useful resource for anyone looking to maximize their economic windfall in public accounting in New Jersey.

$375 may seem like a lot to cough up for a simple report but when you think about your lifelong earning potential and the fact that some employers derive their joy from ripping you off for your hard work, I'd say that's a small price to pay for this kind of intel. Grab yours from NJSCPA directly here.

Has anyone seen something similar in other states? And would you guys be down to put something like this together on a national level using Going Concern readers' own comp as a baseline? Would anyone buy it if we bothered? Sure beats getting your information from trolls in the comment section if you ask me.