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Big 4/Mid-tier Internal Audit

I'm considering throwing out some applications for an Internal Audit practice (whatever it is called at the diff firms Risk Assurance/Risk Advisory/etc) at a Big 4 or mid tier firm – preferably in St. Louis or maybe Chicago.  I have some industry experience, and am hoping to join as an Experiened Staff.  

A few questions…

1) What can I expect Salary & Bonus wise?

2) What are annual increases like?

3) If you've made this transition, what is the interview process like?  How was the transition?

4) Are the hours similar to external audit, but without a busy season?

I guess I'm just interested in any information you're willing to provide.  If you're willing to share city and firm or even size of firm, that would be very helpful in my decison making process.  I'm looking to assess if this would be a good move for me and if I could make the money work since I'm already in industry.  I think I would really like the experience and pace, but would enjoy hearing some opinions.