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Big 4 interview question

First time poster here…

I've got a concern I'd like a little help on.

Quick background information about myself:  I'm 29 and graduated in 2007 with a 3.3 GPA and a BA in Finance from a Big Ten university.  Last fall, I decided to go back to school as a post-bachelor student (non-degree) to pursue my CPA and a career in accounting.  At my career fair last year, using my 3.3 GPA, the Big 4 didn't give me a serious look but I managed to get an internship at a mid-size firm. Since then, I have achieved a 3.94 in my classes (all accounting) and at the career fair the Big 4 were very interested in me. I have been granted two on-campus interviews for full-time positions with the Big 4 and am still waiting on a decision from the other 2.  FWIW, I am taking 3/4 CPA parts this fall and have no full-time work lined up (I can go back to my old firm as an intern, but no FT offer was extended).

So my question/concern is regarding my undergrad GPA.  Is this something that the Big 4 and other large local firms will still heavily weigh in their decision? I am confident in my ability to do well in my interview, but I'm still a bit haunted from being quickly rejected last year. Any thoughts or interview tips will be appreciated! I just recently discovered this website and am loving it!