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Advice for starting a CPA firm

I plan on getting a Master’s in Accounting and CPA within a year. I then plan on working for a big 4 for about 2 years. I plan to switch around employers a lot so I could get the most wide range of experience as I plan on starting a CPA firm.

My dad is an auditor and knows CPA firms that are retiring that I could obtain clients from.
What advice would you give me since I have at least 3 years before I actually start my own CPA firm. All types of advice is recommended.

How many employees will I need?

After the initial start up work, is it basically just getting clients and giving the work to your employees and basically just checking your employees work?

I want to scale my business to as large as I can handle until I will have to eventually promote people to manager positions and non equity partners. I really don’t want to give up any equity unless it will be really worth it.