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Here’s a Photo of Barry Melancon After He Got Lei’d


There are countless photos out there of AICPA CEO, President, and ham radio operator Barry Melancon (aka “Bean Picker”) gesturing excitedly this way and that as he explains the future of the CPA profession for captive audiences everywhere. Yet for all the snaps of the benevolent overlord of the world’s most powerful accounting biker gang, few show him relaxed and, dare I say, casual. I guess overseeing all those life insurance discounts, and letters after people’s names can make it hard to chill.

Enter the state of Hawaii. It’s a scientific fact that it’s impossible to be stressed out and uptight in Hawaii. Maybe that’s why he looks so content having just been lei’d in this pic from the 2014 Hawaii Society of CPAs annual conference.

Barry Melancon HSCPA

We challenge you to find a better picture of Barry Melancon. There isn’t one. Not even that one that makes him look like a comic book villain plotting to drop a biological weapon on Gotham City.


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