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B4 to Boutique M&A IB?

So I posted on here a few months back regarding the likelihood of transitioning from B4 assurance into an AM research role. My naivete at the time still baffles me, as after a few months of searching I now realize that this simply isn't going to happen. It seems as if toughing it out a few years in IB is really the only way to get there without an MBA. I'm currently interviewing with a few smaller, mostly sell-side advisory shops. My question is, would it be wise to leave the B4 now to join a botique M&A IB? I am going into my A2 year. I know audit isn't for me, but I'm just wondering if it's better to jump now for a smaller firm or stick around through another busy season and try for a larger during the next recruting cycle. Keep in mind that my long term goal is to be in AM, not banking.