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Deloitte Exec With a Stupid Title Has a Tip to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Bond resumes

Deloitte chief innovation officer Deborah Golden has been getting some press this past week, like this CNBC Make It piece on how she solves problems at work when she’s stuck. Here she is explaining how she gets people’s brains revved up before a meeting:

“I always do an icebreaker at every start of every meeting,” says Golden, adding that, “an easy one is, ‘you have 30 seconds, go grab something, no matter where you are, and you have to come back and in less than 30 seconds, you have to tell us why you grabbed it.’”

This also helps people disconnect and get some blood flowing in their brains and bodies, and puts “an ease to solving some of the challenges that you’re solving in that 30 minutes,” she says.

Appropriate Twitter response:

Well she’s on Make It again and this time she’s offering up a tip on how to make your resume stand out among the pack:


“I think when the resume can exude some personality is the most eye catching to me,” she said.

Other than using crayons to create it how exactly does one zhuzh a resume up with personality?

Listing the multiple languages you speak or including that you’ve “traveled around the world 17 times,” says Golden, are examples of what can round you out on your resume. You could include athletic or artistic accomplishments as well. And volunteer work is effective because “you’re there because you love it,” she says. “You’re not there because you were told to do it and I think that actually says a lot, too, about your personality.”

You could also “think about what makes you happy and what you want from that job and put it in a sentence,” she says. She gives the example of her own job and the kind of thing she could say to describe her passion for it. Why does she want to be in innovation?

“I really want to solve really hard problems,” she says. “I’m really good at solving really hard problems.”

Now you could put these under “Interests” somewhere at the bottom of your resume but that’s not what she advises:

But Golden would advocate for putting those pieces even higher up. “Put the good nugget at the top of the resume,” she says. You could include a line about your passions in a professional summary, for example.

Remember, complaining about your job on Reddit is not a passion.

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