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Analysts, Journalists, and Short Sellers Are Out to Get

iStock_000006509640XSmall.jpgProbably not. But the Company has been subpoenaed by the SEC again regarding its restatement of its financial statements for 2006 and 2008.
Patrick Byrne, the Overstock head honcho isn’t crazy about all the attention:
Bad numbers, after the jump

“All of the matters that are the subject of the subpoena have been thoroughly disclosed and we are disappointed, given the extensive public disclosures Overstock has previously made, that the SEC, given all of the challenges it faces, has apparently chosen to expend time and resources on another investigation of Overstock,”

The SEC’s problems are certainly a matter of record. However, we wouldn’t call Overstock financial reporting history stellar. Restatements occurred in 2006 for “freight costs” which, we’re pretty sure is covered in the first month of Intermediate Accounting. In addition, Audit Integrity has given the company a a ‘very agressive’ rating for Accounting and Governance for 9 of the last 11 quarters.
Regardless of this lack of basic accounting knowledge or borderline reckless financial reporting treatment, Byrne has no qualms about giving the whole sitch the Maxine Waters conspiracy treatment, “Byrne has accused some financial analysts and journalists of working with short-sellers to drive down his company’s stock price.”
This claim is made in addition to the company blaming its upgrade of its Oracle accounting system. Apparently this upgrade caused revenue to be overstated by over $12 mil and understated its loss by over $10 mil back in 2005.
So if wasn’t for Oracle, analysts, the media, and some hedge funds, we’re assuming Overstock would be turning a profit by now. Hit with Another SEC Subpoena [Web CPA]