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Anyone Want Some Horribly Out of Date CPA Review Materials?

Oh dear. I've seen some pretty whacked out CPA review materials floating around for sale out there in the big scary Internets but this one takes the cake. At least the 100% photocopied and amateurly-bound Becker books I've seen cover current exam info.

Ladies and bros, don't all line up at once to score on this sweet sweet deal (no surprise it comes from Cleveland Craigslist):

Here is a complete ExamMatrix/MicroMash CPA Exam Review for 2006-2007. It includes the following workbooks: REG – Regulation, AUD – Auditing and Attestation, FAR – Financial Accounting and Reporting and BEC – Business Environment and Concepts. There is also an Introduction Manual and Software CD. This package is in like new condition.

Asking $100.00 cash.

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Did you read that? It's in like new condition! It must be good! For just $100, you too can prepare for the 2006 CPA exam. ZOMG!

Let's put that into perspective. At the time these books were written, I did not even know what a CPA exam WAS. That's right, snarly old AG hadn't even begun her illustrious career in CPA review way back in 2006. Now, off the top of my head, I can say with certainty that we have added a few audit standards, changed consolidations and, oh right, added international accounting standards to the exam. Maybe there have been a few other changes too… OH YEAH then there is that whole thing with calling FASBs ASCs now and taking written communication out of AUD, FAR and REG. No biggie, right?

Listen, we've been over this. Exam material doesn't change that much year to year (even if we're talking about 2010 to 2011, really) but when you're talking about SIX YEARS of CPA exam changes, you might as well study using limericks on the bathroom stall door for as much good as these materials will do you. Could you use them and still pass? Maybe, but chances are the kind of people smart enough to be able to pull off such a feat wouldn't be stupid enough to buy 6 year old review books.

There are ways to save on CPA review materials. This, sadly, is not one of them.