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Footnotes: Ex-Jenkens Lawyer Pleads Guilty; The Fed Wants to Party; Kanye Must Have Seen Romney’s Tax Returns | 09.13.12

Ex-Lawyer Donna Guerin Pleads Guilty in Tax-Shelter Case [BBW]

IRS Needs Help Identifying Fraud Cases [AT]

Which tax cuts stimulate the economy? [DCJ/Reuters]

Bob Moritz is a responsible CEO [EL]

Stanford Ex-Investment Chief Pendergest Holt Gets 3 Years [BBW]

QE3 arrives The job of monetary policy, in the famous words of Fed chairman William McChesney Martin, is “to take away the punch bowl just as the party gets going”. The Fed, here, is essentially disowning Martin, and saying that they’ll keep refilling that punch bowl with high-grade hooch even after the party is getting going. [Felix Salmon]

Man Pays $137 Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Pigs In Donut Boxes [HP]

Kanye West raps 'Mitt Romney don't pay no tax' on new album [The Hill]