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Accounting News Roundup: PwC Calling Booz & Co. ‘Strategy&’ Now; How About Some Audited Big 4 Financial Statements?; A Chaotic Tax Season for Married Gay Couples | 04.03.14

PricewaterhouseCoopers Renaming Booz & Co. as 'Strategy&' [WSJ]
No word on how long "PriceBoozerhouse" or "The Day After Sunday" were on the table.  

PCAOB Weighs Feedback on Auditor Report Changes [AT]
Lots of talking about auditing. 

Should the Big Four Have Audited Financial Statements? Should the Cobbler’s Children Have Shoes? [Re:Balance]
It wouldn't kill anyone.

Porat Calls Too Few Women Leading U.S. Companies ‘Embarrassment’ [Bloomberg via Matthew Goldstein]
Just a remember that exactly ZERO women are leading the largest accounting firms in the U.S.

This Tax Season: Total Chaos for Same-Sex Couples [The Atlantic]
In states that recognize gay marriages, no problem, MFJ is an option. For those that don't, it's slightly more complicated than that: "Usually, states piggyback off of the IRS on tax returns—people fill out their federal returns and then use that information to fill out state returns. But since many non-recognition states aren’t following the IRS’s decision to accept joint returns from same-sex couples, their revenue departments have had to devise new ways to figure out how to collect the right amount of money from married same-sex couples. In some places, this means gay men and women have to fill out multiple forms, sometimes saying they’re married, sometimes saying they’re single. Other states have created brand new forms, just for gay couples."

Former Ernst & Young accountant opens new Japanese restaurant in Downtown Honolulu [PBN]
Tomoko Moriwaki started a noodle house called Kakaako Foods in the Remington College Building food court.

IRS chief: Funding increase more likely after Tea Party, ACA dies down [The Hill]
Thank You, Dave Camp [TaxVox]
Alternatively, "Atta boy, Dave."
Rogue court reporter repeatedly wrote ‘I hate my job’ [NYP]
I imagine some of your workpapers might be like this.
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