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Accounting News Roundup: Andersen’s Expansion Plans and Blockchain > Spreadsheets | 04.03.18

Andersen Tax expands globally [AT]
Having defeated its hilariously inept French rival over the Andersen name, Andersen Tax is now back to doing whatever it can to convince people that reviving the firm wasn’t a terrible idea. In the AT article, CEO Mark Vorsatz lists off all the countries he’s going to like some online lifestyle guru, but also said that Big 4 firms “may reevaluate how they’re structured and what role audit plays in that.”

Blockchain could be your solution to spreadsheet fatigue [AICPA]
Seeing as how people reacted to a few CFOs suggesting to ditch Excel, I imagine the Excel loyalists will consider the idea that blockchain can replace their beloved spreadsheets like someone pitching a timeshare on Mars.

IRS Data Book [IRS]
Impress/put everyone to sleep at your next dinner party by reciting these stats: “During Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, the IRS collected more than $3.4 trillion, processed more than 245 million tax returns and other forms, and issued almost $437 billion in tax refunds.” Also, calm the irrational fears of any paranoid relatives by letting them know that only 0.5% of all returns were audited.

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