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An Accountant’s Memorial Day Weekend Reading | 05.27.11

~ That’s it for us, team. Have a great weekend and be safe out there. Try to keep the meat consumption to a human level.

Who Audits The Next Social Media IPO? Does It Matter? [Forbes]
Zynga looks like they’re next to jump in but isn’t saying who does their audit. Does it really matter?

PwC & Puma produce first global environmental P&L account [Accountancy Age]
Puma has unveiled the first global environmental profit and loss account, with the help of PwC and analysts Trucost. It is the first time water usage and carbon emissions have been monetised.

Grover Norquist, the Enforcer [BBW]
“Anyone who says we have a deficit problem is either a Democrat who wants to raise taxes,” says Norquist, “or a Republican who’s dimwitted and doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.”

Don’t Cut the Gas Tax for Summer Holidays, Double It [TaxVox]
Howard Gleckman calls a proposed gas tax holiday “the dumbest tax idea of the week.”

WellPoint Replaces Accounting Chief Martin Miller [Dow Jones]
Likely story: “WellPoint Inc. (WLP) replaced Chief Accounting Officer Martin L. Miller, saying his removal wasn’t related to the company’s financial statements or accounting practices.”

Calif. IRS agent gets 3 years for tax cheating [AP]
Albert Bront also figured that his relatives wouldn’t mind if he filed bogus returns without their knowledge.

China gold firm halts trade after flawed accounting report [ET]
Hong Kong-listed Real Gold Mining , an Inner Mongolian company, halted trading in its shares on Friday after a report said the miner filed one set of accounts with the Hong Kong stock exchange and a much different one with China’s central government.

SEC IFRS Plan Would Change FASB’s Role [CFO]
Without weighing in on when — or if — the Securities and Exchange Commission will incorporate international financial reporting standards (IFRS) into the financial reporting system for U.S. issuers, the SEC staff issued a paper on Thursday that shed some light on one possible plan for implementation. The plan would change the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s role in standard setting.