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What Data Was This Weirdo Staff Trying to Steal From Colleagues’ Phones and Laptops?

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How come the stock photo hackers are always wearing hats indoors and surrounded by vape clouds?

As if public accountants didn’t have enough to worry about, local WLNS of Lansing, Michigan reported today that an accounting firm employee had apparently put ‘unauthorized’ software on colleagues’ phones and laptops. Why? No one knows. Or if they do, they aren’t saying.

The firm involved is Maner Costerisan, a joint you’ve probably never heard of unless you call Lansing home or memorized Accounting Today‘s 2023 Best Firms for Young Accountants list on which the firm ranked #9 due to the following stats:

HQ: Lansing, Mich.
Staff: 168 167
No. of staff under 30: 63
Percent of staff under 30: 38
Percent of voluntary turnover: 9
Days off: 20
Paid holidays: 8


Maner Costerisan President Trey Williams confirmed with 6 News Tuesday the accounting firm “learned of a potential breach of some employees’ private information via personal mobile devices and isolated instances in which unauthorized software was installed on employees’ laptops, we immediately investigated.”

What software?? And why? The firm’s president declined to say, saying only the matter was ‘sensitive.’ “While we remain aware of no misuse of any employee’s financial information or information related to identity theft, we made available credit protection/monitoring services,” said Williams’ statement to the news. “We are both angry and sorry this occurred,” he added. “Our employees’ security is of utmost concern.”

Obviously the person who (allegedly) did this no longer works there. The matter has been handed to the Michigan State Police who are investigating.

Checking Google reviews for aggrieved ex-employees slandering their former employer (as one does), we found this:

According to WLNS, the firm told staff in August shortly after they learned of the breach in July that no client information was involved “based on what we know now.”

Let you know if we hear more. If you are privy to additional details, reach out.

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  1. i also like the “small beanie that doesn’t cover ears” as part of the modern h-cker stereotype.

    they don’t make ’em like “swordfish” anymore.

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