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The 20% of Americans Who Would Get an ‘IRS’ Tattoo to Never Pay Taxes Are Getting Off Too Easy


Americans hate paying taxes. This is not news. Why they hate paying taxes is a bit of a mystery. I reckon it has something to do with wanting to piss the money away themselves rather than have police or schools or national parks.

Anyway, a survey by WalletHub found that some Americans are so intent on not paying taxes that they’d entertains some bizarre options to opt-out of taxes forever:

[D]isdain for filling out forms and forking over funds to the government drives many of us to contemplate some pretty kooky alternatives. For example, one in five Americans would get an “IRS” tattoo in return for a tax-free future while 6% would name their first-born child “Taxes.”

The “IRS” tattoo doesn’t go far enough. If these people don’t want to pay taxes ever again, the tattoo has to go on their face. Or maybe the tattoo should be the internal revenue code rather than just “IRS.” Sure, the whole code wouldn’t fit, but that seems like a more appropriate trade-off.

Even the 6% who would name their first-born child “Taxes” aren’t really suffering enough humiliation. It’s their child who has to walk around with the name forever. The individual that wishes to get out of taxes should have to legally adopt the name “Taxes” or “1040” or “Non-deductible Hobby Loss.” Naming  your kid “Taxes” is only going to result in parricide.