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Leave Scott Foster Alone, He Has Accounting To Do

Scott Foster, the accountant-turned-emergency goalie who blocked seven shots in fourteen minutes for the Blackhawks last Thursday, became an instant Chicago sports legend. But don’t think all this instant fame has gone to his head. In a post-game interview, “[T]omorrow I’m going to wake up, I’m going to button up my shirt, and I’m going to go back to my day job,” and wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what he did:

Since Friday, Foster has declined to talk any more about his sudden fame. A representative for Golub Capital’s (Foster’s employer) New York-based public relations firm said it fielded several requests for interviews and is turning them all down.

The Hawks fielded ”dozens” of requests early on but they tapered off. “Foster expressed to the team that he preferred to prioritize his family and work following his NHL stint, and the team is supporting his preference,” vice president of communications Adam Rogowin said Monday.

This is the right move. A more foolish person would milk all the t-shirts, jerseys, Office Space parodies, celebrity shoutouts, countless interviews and try to parlay it into a vapid reality TV show. Our Scott is going back to his kids and his spreadsheets, and that’s perfect. No one wants their accountant-turned-hockey-folk-hero to become the next Eric Decker. That’d be infuriating.


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  1. No of course, don’t take a day to enjoy being one of the coolest stories so far of 2018. Get back to those super important spreadsheets and don’t take any interviews!

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