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Advance Your Accounting Career with Intuit’s AI-driven, Intuitive Technology Platform

In previous posts, we’ve talked about how Intuit can help you thrive in the remote work era and shape your accounting career your way. By empowering you with an AI-driven, intuitive platform, Intuit can also help you be more productive and provide a higher level of service to customers as you advance your career. 

Intuit is hiring at scale, onboarding thousands of new recruits that want to make a difference in the Intuit Expert Network mission. Intuit experts help TurboTax Live, QuickBooks Live, and Mint Live customers have confidence that their taxes and personal and business finances are accurate and complete, which in turn positively impacts their financial lives. 

The Intuit Expert Network is your opportunity to achieve your optimal work/life balance from your home office, while enabling you to connect and collaborate virtually with peers and expand your knowledge. And you’ll do it all through a powerful, unified technology platform that provides a seamless experience. 

Let’s take a look at how the Intuit platform can help you do what you do better—so you can open new career opportunities and guide customers toward better financial outcomes.

Capitalize on rapid changes in accounting technology

Over the last 40-plus years, accounting technology has evolved from text-based, command-line software to cloud-based systems offering automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Technology is changing faster all the time, and that trend is expected to continue. The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to rapidly develop remote working solutions, further hastening the rate of transformation.

Now more than ever, businesses and consumers need highly skilled tax, bookkeeping, and financial professionals to help them navigate the quickly-evolving and intersecting worlds of finance and technology. Becoming an Intuit Expert allows you to capitalize on this trend, learning Intuit products inside and out and keeping your abilities up-to-date as new solutions emerge.

Intuit was founded in 1983, and—with the release of Quicken DOS—emerged as a pioneer in leading-edge accounting technology. The company has built a proven track record of technology excellence in the decades since. Intuit has continued to grow and stand out throughout the Microsoft Windows era of the 1990s, the web era of the 2000s, and into today’s mobile and cloud era.

The company has also developed a reputation for disrupting how and where experts can serve customers, adapting its solutions to the cloud and successfully maintaining a large remote workforce years before COVID-19. Working with Intuit allows you to work on a platform from the industry-recognized leader in accounting technology—and gain the prestige of adding the Intuit name to your resume. 

Learn and work from a unified, intuitive platform

Intuit Experts build their skills and assist clients from a single, intuitive platform that leverages AI, machine learning, and automation for intelligent, personalized experiences. 

The platform provides a comprehensive, end-to-end experience that uses intelligent capabilities to help experts quickly onboard through a digital onboarding center, visually manage, track, and stay on top of their work, collaborate with other experts, enhance their skills, and communicate with customers.

If you become an Intuit Expert, you’ll have everything you need to develop your technology skills, serve clients, and expand your career—in your own way and remotely within the U.S. 

Work smarter and automate manual tasks

As an Intuit Expert, you’ll work from an ever-evolving platform that automates many mundane tasks. This allows you to be more productive and spend less time making calculations—and more time delivering great results for customers.

The platform also intelligently guides you as you work with customers, helping you identify customer priority and the specific task to tackle next. With powerful technology backing you up at every step, you can more easily and thoroughly give customers financial peace of mind. 

“The Intuit Expert Portal tool is pretty high tech. The use of applications interchangeably for client data, smart look, scheduling and even community questions is very impressive.”

— TurboTax Live Expert

Get the right technology and training to advance your career

Whether you’re just starting out, have an established practice, or are nearing the end of your career, becoming an Intuit Expert is a great way to chart a brighter professional future. You can use intelligent technology to deliver better results, increase your knowledge, and shape your career to fit your needs.

Reach out to Intuit now to learn more.

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