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September 24, 2023

Shape Your Accounting Career Your Way with the Intuit Expert Network

Looking to grow your professional experience, engaging with new clients in new situations? Ready for the next challenge as your accounting career revs up or winds down, or seeking a full-time job as a bookkeeping professional? The Intuit Expert Network offers the perfect opportunity to shape your career—transforming your journey to fit your wants, goals, and lifestyle.

You can move upward in your chosen field or move outward, ”changing lanes” to expand your expertise and learn new skills. And, no matter what, you can choose your own schedule according to your personal and professional needs.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to be an Intuit Expert—and, along the way, hear from some professionals on how they leveraged the opportunities offered by Intuit to create their ideal careers.

Choose your path 

As an Intuit Expert, you’ll be equipped with support and training to provide customers with the expertise they need and to help them overcome their most important financial challenges. Speaking broadly, you can work for the Intuit Expert Network in one of three roles:

“As you go” tax expert: You’ll take contacts (calls and chats) from customers, where you’ll support them in preparing and filing their taxes themselves. You’ll guide customers through their own tax returns and review their returns before filing, help them navigate TurboTax, answer specific questions, and advise and guide them on questions that range from simple to complex. 

Full service tax expert: If you’re hired as a full service tax expert, you’ll be responsible for preparing returns on behalf of customers. You’ll handle returns (nearly) from start to finish, spending some of your time interacting with customers and some preparing the return. You’ll supplement any downtime in full service taking “as you go” calls and chats.

Bookkeeper: You’ll work with our small business customers to help them better manage their business finances. You might help customers get set up on QuickBooks or onboarded to the QuickBooks Live service. Bookkeepers who are dedicated to “ongoing” bookkeeping service work in teams, which act as “firms” that manage a dedicated book of a business. Some work primarily in a front-office role, serving as the liaison between small business customers and their bookkeepers; others work primarily in a back-office role, preparing and managing the books. 

Expand your knowledge

Once you are interviewed and hired as an Intuit expert, you’ll get onboarded, receive training and resources, and continue learning and upskilling as you help clients and grow your career.

Michaela Schoonover, Expert Bookkeeper with QuickBooks Live and owner of Arm’s Reach Bookkeeping, said she found the training and knowledge-building opportunities offered by Intuit especially helpful. 

“By the time I had completed my training sessions, I was confident I had a team of managers, leads, and colleagues who would provide support when I needed it,” Michaela said. “My first days on the job left me with a very singular feeling—‘this is a place I want to be.’”

Michaela has continued to learn and grow as an Intuit Expert, taking advantage of both the educational resources and the vibrant network of professionals.

“Having the tools and resources to help so many customers from a wide variety of industries has given me new skills and a new confidence in myself,” Michaela said. “Above all, I’ve learned that finding a professional community can help get you closer to your goals, and make work a more rewarding part of your life.”

Expand your skills

As an Intuit Expert, you’ll take on projects and responsibilities that allow you to move up in your chosen field and build your professional skills. And you’ll get all the resources, support, and encouragement you need along the way. 

As a QuickBooks Live Expert, Wayne Brown discovered ample opportunities to grow his career.

“My performance led to me being on several special projects … which, in turn, has resulted in me being a subject-matter expert in certain areas of QuickBooks Live and also QuickBooks,” Wayne said. “In addition, I have made hundreds of connections with other Intuit Experts … and made an impact on the growth of my business.” 

Expand your expertise

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Intuit Expert Network is the opportunity to “change lanes.” You can gain skills and even earn certifications that will expand your expertise from taxes to bookkeeping (or vice-versa). The network gives you the freedom to chart your own career path (or career paths, as the case may be.)

For example, the Intuit Expert Network can help you earn your Enrolled Agent (EA) credential, which is the highest credential the IRS awards. Let’s hear from three Intuit Experts who have taken advantage of this opportunity:

“I enjoyed study sessions, developed lasting relationships with peers, and shared insights on tax situations. As a result, I feel more confident interacting with clients, teammates, and peers when discussing various tax laws and situations.”

Stephanie Brooks, EA

“Having great mentors, managers, leads, peers, and a support system helping me along the way was a big part of earning my EA. The credential, in addition to my years of tax experience, has helped me feel more confident answering questions and researching topics. I love being able to provide experts and customers with a much deeper understanding and knowledge necessary to address the different challenges concerning the ever-changing tax laws.”

Robin Copeland, Tax Expert Lead and EA

“The EA program was great! I learned so much and feel so much more confident answering questions and researching topics. I was promoted up two levels … I’m enjoying much deeper interactions with clients and really feel I have the chance to make a difference.”

Elizabeth Dickinson, EA

Shape your accounting career path, your way

Get on the path to expanding your career, learning new skills, and shaping your professional life to fit your needs. And find out just how far you can go. Learn more about becoming an Intuit Expert today.

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