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January 27, 2023

How Intuit Can Help Your Career Thrive In the Remote Work Era

With the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work structures and an increased reliance on technology, the past year has seen big changes to the accounting and finance professions. As many accountants and finance professionals face the reality that they won’t be returning to the office any time soon (if at all), it’s clear that the remote era of accounting is here to stay. 

The more we talk to accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, and finance professionals, the more we hear from them that working remotely is having a positive impact on their careers. All it takes is the right attitude and the right strategy to ensure you’re making the most of today’s opportunities.

To that end, Intuit is providing a great way for you to advance your career in the remote work era. The company has begun hiring at scale, onboarding thousands of Intuit Experts in 2021 with plans to continue growing the program yearly. Intuit Experts help TurboTax Live, QuickBooks Live, and Mint Live customers have confidence that their taxes and personal and business finances are accurate and complete, which in turn positively impacts their financial lives.

Here are three reasons becoming an Intuit Expert can help your career thrive in the remote work era:  

1) You’ll personalize your career path

With more time on your hands, more freedom, and more options, the remote era allows you to wave goodbye to the rigid, programmed career paths of the past and blaze your own unique professional trail.

As an Intuit Expert, you’ll have the freedom to shape your career to fit your life. Choose how and when you want to work to fit your career goals or experience level. Select hours that work with your current practice, if you have one. Scale up or down as your needs change, or focus on the work that’s most rewarding to you as you move into the next chapter of your life. And you can even explore new skills across disciplines, from personal taxes to bookkeeping and more.

2) You’ll learn new skills and expand your expertise

Rather than remaining focused on a single discipline, the remote era allows you to shape your expertise however you want. Like a train shifting tracks, you can move between accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and finance, depending on your skills, gaining additional experience and building a practice that meets your clients’ needs more holistically.

Here again, Intuit offers an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge. Intuit Experts are provided with training, technology, and credentialing that leads to transformative learning and growth, enabling you to serve clients in a variety of meaningful ways. 

Intuit Experts also gain access to Intuit University, an unrivaled library of development programs and microlearning courses. These offerings go beyond simple training and education, delivering learning experiences that are engaging, personalized, and highly effective. 

The Intuit Expert program has a track record of helping professionals grow into new areas, currently sending through 1,000 new certified tax experts annually. And it boasts a 90% return rate for tax experts, a clear indication of its popularity and ability to help professionals advance their careers.

3) You’ll connect with others and collaborate in new ways

Thanks to advancements in technology and new methods of collaboration, accounting professionals are finding innovative ways to come together, helping each other solve problems and benefit from a larger pool of experience.

Becoming an Intuit Expert is a great way to quickly tap into this spirit of collaboration, leveraging a network of professionals to advance your career. Intuit’s community of experienced experts and team managers serve as advocates along your journey, providing you with the advice and mentorship you need to take your career wherever you want it to go. From virtual team rooms that let you engage with other experts and get advice anytime you want it to one-on-one guidance from your managers, the help you need is always close at hand. 

Your accounting career, now with limitless potential

In the remote working era, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving everything you want to do in your accounting or finance career. With the freedom to personalize your path, learn new skills, and connect with peers and mentors, the only limit to your potential is your imagination.

Whether you’re just starting out, have an established practice, or are nearing the end of your career, becoming an Intuit Expert is the perfect way to take full advantage of the newfound freedoms of the remote era. Reach out to Intuit now to learn more—and find out just how far your professional future can go.

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